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Three Ways Digital Printing Boosts Your Bottom Line

By Bruce Browning | OlleyMay

Digital (computer-based) printing has revolutionized the printing process. It’s about as big a leap for the industry as the first motorized printing press was.

But what is truly remarkable about the digital process is how it has revolutionized marketing – enabling companies to target promotions to the right prospects at the absolute right time.

Here are three ways that digital printing can boost your bottom line:

Speed. Gone are the days when producing a print product was a major undertaking. With digital technology, the idea you call into your printer in the morning can start becoming a reality that afternoon. Talk about beating the competition: With this speed-to-market, you can be touting a new product before your competitors even know it exists.

On-demand timeliness. Say you’ve enhanced a product that just sold out its first run, and you know your loyal customers will love the new changes. With digital printing, you can revamp your original promotion, update it, and get the word out about your innovation overnight. Forget print obsolescence! You can create cost-effective, updated print runs in real time that reflect the pace of your creativity.

Flexibility. Say that your updated product will only appeal to some of your customers. No problem! With digital personalization, you can turn out a quick run targeted to those who will jump at the chance to buy the new version. Digital printing is cost-effective even for the smallest of print runs.

And here’s an added bonus: When you opt for a digital print run, you’re going green! Forget “pre-press” hard-copy proofs. You approve a .pdf version of the final product – and you’re ready to print.

With the savvy use of digital printing, your new marketing motto will be: Go for it!

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