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Personalized Magazines?

The world continues to get more personal. From clothing to footwear and more, consumers are offered a variety of choices to concentrate on our special interests while sifting out the irrelevant.

Personalized, custom-publishing has hit the print world too.

For a limited time, Time Inc. is testing personalization with the printed word through the pilot of MINE My Magazine, My Way magazine. Until recently, the Internet has been the vehicle of personalized news.

The free experimental MINE magazine is a five issue trial magazine that will run ten weeks. Subscribers are given the option of selecting five previously published Time Inc. or American Express Publishing Corp. publications to choose from and are asked to fill out a set of four seemingly random questions. Within a few weeks, the first issue of the customized MINE magazine will be delivered to a limited number of subscribers. Each of the five issues of MINE will be specially tailored to the subscriber’s individual interests.

MINE’s limited free offer includes a printed edition with 36 pages that is available for the first 31,000 subscribers. The online version of MINE will be offered for an additional 200,000. The subscription offer ends on June 15, 2009.

The possibility of personalized newspapers and magazines is an innovative concept. Imagine being able to choose your two favorite newspapers and receiving the articles and news tailored to your interests without subscribing to both. Picture the possibility of receiving one magazine with your specified interests instead of subscribing to three magazines like Sports Illustrated, Time and Newsweek. In fact, some of the more “cutting edge” colleges and universities have been providing students with options to create customized text books which are composed of relevant chapters from multiple text books. 

It has been said that the print media industry may be slowing down, however, the possibilities of evolvement are electrifying. Relevant, personalized, high-impact communication is a proven strategy to increase response rates, readership and retention in slow or prosperous economies.

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