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What Are Duplicate Records Costing You?

If you look carefully at your customer database, you will most likely find a high number of duplicates. What are these duplicates costing you? More than you might think.

Creating duplicates is easy. All a customer must do is contact or order from you more than once. Enter the human element—a missing period, an alternate spelling or any oversight at all. Now, you have a new entry. Or you may be using different data sources that don’t synchronize; for instance one data source for CRM needs, one for sales and one for marketing.

What are the consequences?

Your print and mailing costs go up. You only need to mail your postcard, your flyer or your catalog once. Duplicates cost you money. Not to mention the undeliverable addresses that you pay to deliver directly to the trash can.

You alienate your customers.

How do you think Margaret Smith-Kline feels about receiving three copies of the same piece? Not only does it fill up her mailbox, but it also makes it clear that you don’t know much about her. She’s just duplicate lines in a database.

It hurts the environment.

Printing and publishing creates a huge solid waste stream. Of course, some print is necessary.  Of that, environmentally responsible consumers and producers try to recycle as much as is reasonable, but why swell that volume unnecessarily? You just end up increasing your carbon footprint and your solid waste for no benefit.

Simple solution, big results.

The solution is simple, and the benefit can be huge. Do a quick clean-up of your database (cleansing, match and consolidation), and you might be surprised just how much money you can save.

In a Webinar sponsored by DIRECT magazine, Baseline Consulting, a business and IT consulting firm, recently gave the example of one of its customers that went through this process and identified 50% of its catalog mailings as duplicate, sent to the wrong addresses, undeliverable or mailed to the wrong prospects. The result? It cut out the duplicates, cleaned up its mailing list and slashed its print and mailing costs by 50%. Imagine what a similar process could do for you.

These are highly cost-effective solutions and the practical benefits to you can be huge.

How can OlleyMay Help

OlleyMay provides database and data mining services that will not only save you money in printing and postage, but also help you find opportunities within your data. OlleyMay data service include:

Data Cleansing

  • Removing duplicate records
  • Updating mailing addresses based on National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Add last 4 digits to your zip codes for postal discounts and faster delivery

Data Mining & Analytics

  • Identify highest value customers – helps you eliminate wasted marketing dollars on non-buyers
  • Identify buying habits and trends – helps you anticipate upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Data mining – find dormant customers ripe for reactivation
  • Customer cloning – identify the traits of your best customers to help find new ones

Call OlleyMay today at 914.939.8800 for more information on how to leverage your data to achieve your marketing and business objectives.

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