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Which Direct Marketing Strategies Are a Good Fit For Your Company?

Identifying appropriate direct marketing strategies for your business may seem like a daunting task, but it really boils down to your goals. Like online advertising, direct marketing options are plentiful—from leaflets to brochures—all of which share a common goal: to adorn a prospect’s refrigerator rather than their trash bin.

By now, you’ve likely paid for a database of information on your demographic and strategized your next course of action. The following tips will ensure you’re maximizing ROI and getting the most bang for your buck.

Brochures: While not the cheapest option, a well-designed brochure can make your company stand apart from the competition. Avoid boring images and headings by asking yourself if the customer would care…more importantly, why. Once you’ve identified your prospect’s needs, you can tailor the brochure accordingly and guide the customer to action with tear-away cards or a QR code.

Postcards: Cost-effective and attention-grabbing, postcards are great for businesses of any size. They allow a potential client to quickly review key benefits of your business without opening an envelope to dig for information. Besides, to busy consumers who recognize advertisements a mile away, those envelopes are likely to remain sealed anyway. However, if you’re going the letter route consider…

Personalized letters:
Use the client’s name instead of “Current Resident” on the addressee line. Keep it brief but meaningful. Present yourself as a human being (you are one!) not a business entity—no one cares about those. If your goal is retention, use a phrase like, “We really miss you and would love to have you back.”

Regardless of your needs, there are solutions to the stress surrounding those all-too-critical direct marketing strategies. Focus on the goal, determine your budget and desired rate of return, and let your personality lead each initiative. Cookie cutters are for baking—not business.

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