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Are you a busy YMCA executive that could use help with membership acquisition, retention or general awareness advertising — using marketing best practices?

Or are you a YMCA marketer that could use some support (a.k.a. “I could have sworn they told me there’d be another 3 people on my team…”)?

Let OlleyMay Media Help.

OlleyMay Media supports busy YMCA executives and marketing teams with a full suite of multi-channel marketing, branding and advertising services to help extend the YMCA’s reach, grow membership and make a stronger impact in the communities they serve.

Core Services Include:

  • Largest library of brand-compliant YMCA marketing designs
  • Membership acquisition & retention marketing
  • Design, layout and branding of promotional collateral
  • Market Area studies & membership profiling
  • Commercial printing & direct mail marketing
  • Promotional, branded merchandise
  • Cost effective retainer marketing arrangements

OlleyMay Media’s marketing campaigns are engaging and attention grabbing. Members will see your facility and the Y brand in a new light, and prospects will want to learn more. Typical campaign components can include:

  • FREE marketing designs for your customization and use in email, direct mail and advertising
  • Design and creative development of new concepts
  • Copywriting
  • Direct mail printing and distribution
  • Digital marketing including social media advertising, banner ads and mobile targeting
  • Household targeting using our exclusive YMCA profiles
  • Tracking and attribution

All with our infamous service with a smile! 🙂

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