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How much do you charge? We don’t have a budget for an outside agency. 

Well, let’s take direct mail. If you send direct mail today then simply compare our prices to your current prices. We don’t charge anything additional. And when you factor in our FREE designs, you might be pleasantly surprised. Other services are fairly priced as an hourly cost or per project.

Heck, if we use you then the Y wouldn’t need “me-the-marketer”, right?

Wrong. OlleyMay is here to assist, not replace. YMCA marketers plug us wherever assistance is needed. Maybe they’re short handed creating a Facebook advertising campaign or sending a direct mailer out. Many marketers juggle way too many things to do them all effectively and consistently and track what works and what doesn’t. We assist and work in the background or the foreground, however you see fit. You’re the boss!

We don’t have our own marketing department. How can you work with us?

No worries! OlleyMay can help you create a plan that’s within your budget and execute according to plan. We can also be your surrogate marketing team. Contact Bruce for more information at (914) 380-7510.

Are your designs brand compliant?

We follow all of the YMCA USA brand guidelines. If you ever have a doubt or want to pass our designs by YMCA USA, email our designs to or check our designs against the guidelines

How do you know who to send direct mail to?

We target households based on different criteria for each YMCA that we work with. Sometimes we’ll mail to all households within a Y’s service area and sometimes we’ll target specific households. Factors such as size of service area, budget and timing all affect the final campaign target, which we work with you on the entire way.

Are we able to customize campaigns that you pre-create for YMCAs?

Yes. We will insert your content into the relevant areas of our pre-designed layouts. Final designs will all comply with the YMCA brand guidelines. This guarantees that a cost effective campaign and increased speed to market.

Do you create custom campaigns?

Yes! We’re glad to create a custom campaign just for your Y or group of Ys to use. Only your Y or association will have access to these designs if you wish.

How does the Facebook advertising work?

Think of Facebook ads as digital billboards. They can be a cost effective way to expand your reach in your community. We typically run advertising for at least 6 months. All of your Facebook ads will comply with Facebook guidelines and will be compatible across desktop and mobile devices.

How long does it take to get a mailing into households within my service area(s)?

A good rule of thumb is to allow 2-3 days for us to go back and forth with design edits. Once you approve the designs, it takes about 2-3 weeks to mail your piece. So all together, it’s safe to guesstimate 3-4 weeks from start to finish. YMCAs love that we can streamline this process, especially when you use our design.

Are you able to mail from your office to my service area? I thought you have to be a local provider?

OlleyMay is able to mail to any neighborhood in the United States from our locations in New York and Connecticut, Chicago, Kentucky or California. Rest assured that wherever your YMCA(s) is located, we can service your marketing needs seamlessly. No paperwork is needed, or cumbersome USPS forms.

Tell me about the quality of your printing.

We use the highest quality printing presses to produce your products, guaranteeing they look their best and represent your Y in the best light. We guarantee all of our work. Request a sample pack of recent mailings.

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